The recipe for innovation

No recipe for Innovation

Doesn´t exist. But still, #Innovation, #Design-thinking, #Creativity are in the mouth of every corporate manager. Large companies want to innovate but do not accept that inefficiency and ambiguity are both conditions of the innovation process. They want to be agile but compliance. Disruptive but efficient. Adapt like a start-up, but still report global revenues.

They are looking for the algorithm of innovation, like this is something else you could buy at amazon. The perfect recipe. A set of rules, techniques and steps that can be followed.

But that’s not it. Innovation is about bringing very different points of view together. It requires time for reflection and disagreement, which makes it inefficient at the core. Innovation doesn’t come with a manual, so If you want to be very disruptive, very innovative, very creative, you’re going to have to put up with a little bit more of the ambiguity.