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The expanded role of marketing

The marketing function has changed along with the fast-paced evolution of technology. As an organisation evolves and specialises in different capabilities, it becomes difficult to maintain a structural marketing strategy without getting lost among the […]

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No recipe for Innovation

The recipe for innovation

Doesn´t exist. But still, #Innovation, #Design-thinking, #Creativity are in the mouth of every corporate manager. Large companies want to innovate but do not accept that inefficiency and ambiguity are both conditions of the innovation process. […]

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Culture in the mirror — my relocation experience

This February it will be two years since I relocated from Buenos Aires to Prague. During this time, I had the privilege of working with people and companies from all over the world and collecting enriching experiences that I would have liked to have shared sooner, but I was just too busy living them.

Creative Myopia

The lack of strategic thinking in design and creativity proposals leads indirectly to the standardization of creative results. There are three variables which belong specifically to the work of agencies that result in the development […]